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Do your customers even know you’re out there? The usual solution is advertisement; however, this is very expensive. Plus, it’s not enough that you have online presence but you have to make sure that your customers find you.  Our service, Search Engine Optimization, will solve just that by helping you place your website on top of the list on online search engines. Consider it a less expensive way of advertising and a bridge that connects you to your customers.


Graphic Design

If you think that appearances won’t have a major impact on your business, you’re very mistaken. Appearances matter. On a business meeting, you dress appropriately to show your client that you’re dependable, confident, professional, etc. Let us help you dress your website with our Graphic Design services. We can help you get that good first impression and moreover convey visually that you’re the best in the business.


24/7 Customer Support

To be globally competitive you have to have excellent customer service but how can you provide it when you’re available for your customers. We can be available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can better service you and your customers. It means you will have top notch customer support that’s available anytime.


Mobile Computing

This service allows us to service you anywhere. You can bring your service to your customers whether it is a big city or an unknown town. We can help you bring your technology while servicing a client even outside your main office. It’s like bringing your office with you anywhere you go.


Payroll System

If we keep our employees happy, they will do well in their job. We have to make sure that they get paid on time and that there are no discrepancies in their salaries. We can help you put up a payroll system that will be cost-efficient and will cater to your needs.


HR System

The difference between a good company and a great one has to do with people who work for it and run it. No matter how good the technology you have it’s very crucial that you know how to hire the right person for the job. We provide you tried and tested methods and systems to help you pick that right person for the job.


Inventory System

Maintaining good inventory is crucial. If you over produce, that’ll be too much money tied to your inventory. If you have too little, you might not be able to deliver to your customers on time. We can build you an inventory system which helps maintain just enough to run your business smoothly.


Import/Export Tracking 

You will want to have only the best raw materials in your product. You also want your products to be handled with utmost care. Our import /export tracking system will make it easier to take care of logistics in tracking them and ultimately be delivered on time. 


VoIP Solutions 

Companies who plan to expand at different locations or countries have to hire people who will know the area and as well as tap the talent of the manpower available there. Our VoIP Solutions service provides the cheaper way to communicate with your employees worldwide.


Dedicated Server Setup 

We can set up a server solely to service you. It’s reliable and dependable. This is better than shared hosting because you will have full control and we can customize it to meet the needs of your company. 


PABX Setup 

The telephone has gone a long way. Innovation on it has led to a creation of a network of computers, phones, fax machines and the like. To be able to set this up you must have highly skilled individuals who had gained experience in the industry coupled with the latest technology available. Hiring us to do this for you is like having your own Information and Technology Department with a fraction of a cost.


Web Design and Development 

This service combines the hiring an IT Department as well as a Graphic Arts Department in one. The output will be a highly technologically innovative system as well as a creative website to showcase your company. Our people, who are the best in the business, will bring this world class service in your office.   


Open Source Customizations

We can develop operating systems and applications to fit the demands of your business. We have highly trained programmers who will work with you to tap the different programs available out there and make it your own.


Offshore Programming and Hiring 

You need not go through the process of hiring, training and hone talents to give you the results you want. We have a workforce which is experienced, trained, dependable, creative and innovative which will be readily available to work on your projects to better your business. 


Network Setup 

It is worth it to invest on technology just like your network systems. A highly skilled worker can provide a better service if you give him the best tools. And you can come to us, the toolmaker, to provide you the best tools.









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