NMG I.T. Outsourcing Corp.

22F Penthouse BDO Building
8737 Paseo de Roxas
Salcedo Village, Makati City,
Metro Manila,

[email protected]

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About Us
NMG I.T. Outsourcing Philippines
NMG I.T. Outsourcing Corp. Philippines    NMG I.T. Outsourcing Philippines is a product and software development outsourcing company that aims to deliver high quality and cost effective Internet products and services. It caps the production of dynamic and interactive websites and Internet/Intranet applications, as it also renders superior and inventive services from Information Systems maintenance to offshore web staffing.

On software development, NMG boasts its expertise on open source technologies like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) for its web-based applications development and Asterisk on PABX administration system development and VoIP installations. NMG uses the Waterfall software lifecycle methodology and MVC Architecture for quality assurance and rapid delivery.

Upon investing of Filipino's visual arts talents, web design, logo making and other digital arts has also become NMG's expertise. NMG is confident of providing the best design solutions in static images, HTML and even animations.

NMG IT Outsourcing Makati Office NMG's Makati Office 22nd Floor Penthouse BDO Plaza

NMG's main goal is to promote interactivity, robust functionality as well as user-friendliness through its products and services that meet and satiate every client's expectations accordingly, with full accountability sans errs and delays. We seriously believe in such proverbial adage that the customer is always right. That's why the company puts the clients at the top of its list, as it aims to meet the clients' utmost standards, helping them facilitate and develop their businesses through its maximized efforts.

One of the rudiments that the company should consider is the growth and development of IT business in the Philippines. The company aims to expand and promulgate its business throughout the country and worldwide as well. It also aims to take much heed on its target market: clients belonging to any kind of field who need an upgrade/refurbishing, automation and maintenance on their present systems.

Moreover, the company is in high regard for the proliferation of employment in the Philippines. It aims to provide competitive jobs for deemed and proven skillful and ever-diligent laborers in utilizing their fields of expertise with the aid of the company's influx of projects and services.

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